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The Energy Shifting Spread To Detox And De-Stress

Self love” means many different things. But one of the most potent acts of self love is to honor your feelings — especially the feelings you’d rather avoid.

If you’re experiencing stress, your “monkey mind” may have taken over. You might find that your mind is flitting from one problem to the next, to the next — leaving you no time to catch your breath or find your footing.

Stress can wreak all sorts of havoc on your mind, body, and spirit — and believe me, I know it can be challenging to create or maintain a self-love practice when you’re feeling this way.

But the irony is — it’s for this exact reason that having a dedicated self-love practice is so important!

Paying attention to what’s causing stress in your life and how it’s manifesting is the first step toward releasing that stress and returning to a neutral, balanced state.

Try this spread to help you identify where stress is manifesting in your body, mind, and spirit, and let it go once and for all.

1. What’s the main cause of my stress right now?

2. How is this stress showing up in my life?

3. How is this stress impacting my mental health?

4. How is this stress impacting my emotional health?

5. How is this stress impacting my physical well-being?

6. If this stress disappeared overnight, how might my life change?

7. What about this situation is in my control?

8. What about this situation is out of my control?

9. How might I release the things that are out of my control?

10. How can I shift my energy toward the path of least resistance?

Despite life’s many stressors, you create the peace you need to make calm, rational decisions and move forward.

It’s all about becoming aware of how and where stress is showing up in your life and then taking small, simple steps to release the things you can’t control.

The more you practice this, the easier it becomes. For more insights and ideas, check out my blog post Everyday Tarot for Trying Times and Finding Hope.

If you give this spread a try, don’t forget to share your insights on Instagram (just be sure to tag #humeiratarot so I can see)!

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